6 Best DIY Campervan Conversion Kits in Australia

Campervan and it's DIY conversion kit

You might be gazing at the many beautiful van designs and layouts on social media and wondering how you might be able to build your own DIY van conversion. While it takes a lot of time, effort, money and skills to complete a proper campervan conversion with a kitchen, bed, electrical system and storage, there are ways to shortcut the process.

Enter: DIY campervan conversion kits. These incredible modular kits can help you put together your dream van design in a much easier way than building everything yourself from scratch. Think Ikea but for vanlife!

While this idea is relatively new in Australia compared to other countries, there are some great campervan conversion kits available here. We’re going to break down the different kinds of kits you can find on the market and the best companies who make them.

What Are DIY Campervan Conversion Kits?

If you’ve ever looked through your Instagram feed at all the beautiful homes on wheels in your feed with a bit of jealousy, you’re not alone. People are incredibly creative and skillful when it comes to building a DIY van conversion. However, not everyone has the time, effort, skills and money to build every part of a campervan from scratch. This is where DIY campervan conversion kits can be very useful.

They are ideal for anyone who isn’t a skillful tradesmen or DIYer, as well as someone who wants a quick fix for transforming their van into a home. While they are relatively new in Australia, there are some companies and private van builders who are offering modular campervan conversion kits with different designs and layouts. This means that you generally have some basic choices for configurations and sizes and then put it together yourself out of the box or pick it up pre-assembled. It’s similar to Ikea furniture but made for vans!

Different Types Of DIY Campervan Conversion Kits

Depending on what kind of DIY van conversion kit options you need, companies offer a range of different types. Whether you’re looking for a full van conversion or just a part or section of your van layout, you’ll find a variety of choices.

Full Van Conversion Kits

If you want to fully kit out an empty van with everything from a bed to a kitchen, there are full campervan conversion kits designed to provide all that you need to create your best home on wheels. 

These kits generally include storage, kitchen and bed set-ups all included in a functional design. Companies will generally offer a few different layouts and sizes depending on your van. These are the best options if you want to get a complete van converted in minimal time and with minimal effort.

Part Van Conversion Modules

The other option when designing your van is to opt for these van conversion kits for different sections or parts of your van. You can simply pick and choose different bed modules, kitchen layouts and storage kits to put together your own functional DIY van conversion.

This is ideal if you want to still have a bit more creativity involved and more control over the layout than with the full conversion kits. You can choose from different van bed designs with various storage options to suit your van.

6 Best DIY Campervan Conversion Kits

We’ve found the best companies selling DIY campervan conversion kits in Australia, so you can browse the different options for your dream van.

1. Undercover Campers

DIY wood installed on a campervan

Undercover Campers was started in 2015 by a young carpenter from Jervis Bay. In 2014 Tyson Moore bought a 1970 Bedford van that he converted to travel and work around the country with his partner. This Bedford sparked his passion in camper van conversion design.

He offers a range of DIY van conversion modules that you can easily fit into your drea van design. The Van Box is a foldable bed design with storage underneath that can be folded from a lounge into a bed whenever you need. It’s perfect for small or medium sized vans when trying to maximise space.

He offers a kitchen drawer option which fits underneath the foldable bed, giving you a lounge, bed and kitchen in a simple yet functional design that can be installed in the back of your van in a day.

2. Happy Camper Conversions

Fully customized campervan kitchen

Mathew Hall is a carpenter and cabinet maker who soon fell in love with weekends spent in his own DIY campervan. He now offers pre-assembled modular fit-outs for full campervan conversions with his business Happy Camper Conversions. That means that you can still get the feel of a custom built or DIY van design, but without all the months of hard work.

Whether going for a full conversion or bits and pieces to suit your own design, his online store has slide out beds with storage and kitchen drawers or set indoor kitchens, depending on your preferences.

All of these pre-assembled kits are available for pick-up from Sydney or he plans to develop flat-pack kits for delivery around Australia soon.

3. Kata Camperbox

Custom kits installed in a campervan

Based in Sydney, this innovative campervan building company offers unique camper conversion kits to help you transform any vehicle into a home on wheels. Kata Camperbox kits are suitable for everything from SUVs to 4x4s and vans and can either be DIY or fitted for you.

They offer three main campervan conversion kits:

  • The Camperbox: Ideal for cars and SUVs, this kit includes a storage drawer and pullout kitchen underneath a double bed.
  • The Surfbox: Bst for small vans, this kit is designed for sport lovers, with a bed, storage compartments, and pull out kitchen, as well as space to keep surfboards or bikes.
  • The Vanbox: For small and medium sized vans, this kit has two generous slide out drawers. One is designed for the kitchen and the other can be for cooking or storage. These drawers fit nicely underneath the bed, with added storage space for an electrical system set-up.

Or, you can also design your own, with custom conversion kits available through consultation with the team.

4. Vanable Fitouts

Van conversion with wood floorings

The team at Vanable Fitouts have unique conversion kits designed to be easily removable. This is a useful idea if you use your van for commercial or work purposes but still want to be able to head off for the weekend and enjoy life on the road.

Their custom-design removable conversion kits are made to pop in and out simply with just three bolts and three pieces. The designs generally include generous storage space, slide out kitchens, double beds and cupboards.

Depending on the size and type of your van, they’ll work to custom build your kit just for you, so you have more control over the design than other pre-made kits.

5. Fin Campers

DIY upholstery inside a campervan

Based in Melbourne, Fin Campers is a recent addition to the campervan building scene. However, they have come up with a unique business that offers both full conversions and conversion modules so you can DIY easily. 

Their modular kits have four options: bed modules, kitchen pods, wheel storage units and utility cabinets. They can easily be mixed and matched or purchased piece by piece to suit your design.

The kits are designed with a unique floor cleat anchoring system, which means you can easily anchor the modules with just two bolts for easy assembly. 

For now, their modular kits are designed and tested for VW Transporters, but are open to custom designs for other vehicle makes and models.

6. Vanlife DIY Fitouts

City super fitout installed on a campervan

Founded by friends and business partners, Daniel Johnson and Geoff Rupp, Vanlife DIY Fitouts is all about getting more people to experience the joy of living life on the road. They offer a range of DIY van conversion kits for short and long wheel base vans, as well as different roof sizes.

Most of their kits are designed to have plenty of storage, a pull-out kitchen and double bed. They do give you some options for colour schemes and bench tops, so you have some freedom of choice.

The installation process for the kits is pretty simple. The kits come with all boards, benches, hinges, drawers and slides, screws and angles with an instruction manual. The only tools you’ll need are a drill, tape, pencil and straight edge or ruler. They also have a pre-installation checklist to make sure your van is ready for the conversion kit. They’re probably one of the easiest and most professional conversion kits available in Australia!

Get Your Vanlife Kick Started Quickly With Van Conversion Kits

If you are ready to hit the road but aren’t sure where to get started on your van conversion, DIY conversion kits may be a solution. With many different types, designs and options, you can have a ready-to-install campervan design within a few days. 

While a pretty new concept in Australia, these companies and private builders are designing incredible van conversion kits so you can fit your own van out and hit the road sooner than you think. 

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