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Learn how to build a van from start to finish.

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Check out this beautiful DIY sprinter van conversion that includes a bath, surfboard table, shower, flush toilet, and a coconut?! (Plus a few other interesting things!!)

Who is the Van Builder?

Charles, is a carpenter originally from Wales. He has eight years of experience working on various high end projects and residential builds. Charles moved to Australia in 2016 where he bought and renovated his first van to go on camping adventures.

He also spent five months living full time in a van, so he understands how important it is to have a functional tiny home!

His love for hiking, nature and adventure combined with a passion for the creative process of planning and building small spaces led to the start of Kickback Campers.

Charles loves the opportunity he has to help others create their own unique home on wheels – giving them the freedom to create their own adventures.

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The process of building a van from start to finish.


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