Vanketo is the new online space to find whatever you need to fit out your dream van or bus.

Welcome to Vanketo

If you’re fitting out your own van or perhaps looking to add the missing pieces to your current setup, then you’ve come to the right place. Vanketo is the new online space to find whatever you need to fit out your dream van or bus.

What is Vanketo?

Vanketo is your one stop shop for everything that you might want for a van or bus fit out. It’s an online store for a range of products including van accessories, electrical supplies, appliances, modular furniture and much more. It brings together all the products that you would otherwise have to go searching for from one supplier to another. 

If you’re in the hunt for the best van accessories, Vanketo aims to minimise wasted time spent searching from one store to the next by having everything in one online space.

Who founded it?

Vanketo was founded by Kev and Cristina, a couple who live on the road fulltime in their bus (Yeye) along with their two-year-old son, Marco. After living for years in Sydney, they opted for a big change and decked out a bus to live out the Australian dream on the road. Having lived the van or bus life reality for over four years now, they know both the highs and lows, and joys and challenges of living in a tiny home on wheels.

They are also the couple behind Nomads Around Australia, a YouTube series and Instagram account dedicated to sharing fellow van and bus life stories. The channel brings together the amazing and inspirational people that you so often meet on the road, by sharing their useful tips and unique van or bus builds.

With this knowledge and experience, Kev and Cristina decided that it was time the vanlife community had an online store dedicated to all the best accessories and appliances to make living in a tiny space both comfortable and convenient.

What products can you find here?

On Vanketo you can find everything from accessories to electrical supplies and appliances. Some of the things that you can search for on our online store include awnings, fridges, solar panels, batteries, showers, generators, stoves, modular furniture, lighting and so much more. You can deck out your van or bus exactly how you envisioned it with all the important appliances, as well as the smaller details and useful accessories.

The wider online market for these products can be overwhelming, so you’ll only find quality products and items from trusted brands all in the one place on Vanketo. It’s all about trying to make vanlife easier for everyone!

Who is Vanketo for?

The community of people exploring by road is huge and diverse, with grey nomads, digital nomads, vanpackers, families on the road full time, weekend warriors and anyone in between. No matter who you are and how you choose to live life on the road, everyone will be able to find the finishing touches to their van, bus, motorhome, caravan, truck or other vehicle on Vanketo.

Whether you’re starting from scratch with an empty shell or already have a fit-out done and dusted, Vanketo is for you. You can find whatever you need to help start or finish your build, or even simply add a few things to improve your current setup. From the small details like lighting to the all-important electrical and solar side of things, Vanketo has the accessories and appliances for your dream van setup.